Potty Breaks

Perfect for those long days while you are at work. Each visit is up to 30 minutes and includes (depending on the weather) a walk or playtime in the yard, food and Rx if needed and always fresh water and lots of hugs! Also, you can expect any packages left at your door to be brought inside safe and sound. Depending on the time of day, lights can be turned on so you won't be coming home to a dark house. Prices are based on the number of dogs.

Doggie & Cat Day Care:

In the comfort or your own home. Each visit can range from one to three hours. Services include the same as a potty break above, and also include bringing in mail, garbage cans, and rotating lights, if applicable. Prices are customized accordingly.

Over Night Stay:

Why send your pet to a kennel  for the night? I come to your home and make sure your pet and home are kept safe. Services include a ten hour visit which includes two potty breaks, breakfast, Rx administration, bringing in mail, garbage cans, packages, rotating lights and blinds if necessary. Prices are based on the number of dogs.